Is there even such a thing as traveling through time

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Time travel is thought to be impossible because of the paradoxes it would create, but secretly many hope it can be done. Imagine journeying to wonders of the ancient world such as Byzantium or the Great Library of Alexandria, or watching enormous saurians lumber about in the Mesozoic, or determining once-and-for-all what happened in the Kennedy assassination.

Discoveries at the quantum level daily teach us that our understanding of wave function collapse, entanglement (spooky-action-at-a-distance), time crystals, etc. is incomplete at best. …

Five super-annoying earworms and the antidotes to treat them

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This song got stuck in my head: “I Love the Nightlife” by Alicia Bridges. Heard it on the radio, my wife started singing it, and I made the further mistake of thinking about the lyrics. Doomed. It played in my head non-stop for four days. An earworm, they call it.

I have a soundtrack playing in the back of my head all the time. Mostly it’s stuff I like but occasionally an obnoxious song wedges its way into the rotation and becomes the only thing playing. What then?

Trying not to think of a song is like trying not to…

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A poem of infatuation

Give it some thought and then fill in the blank

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Want to be happy with your life? Start by being happy with yourself.

We’re not who we want to be, none of us. We’re all aware of our shortcomings, our perceived inadequacies. We want to be better people, stronger, smarter, more attractive, with better social skills.

Self Improvement is Incremental
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be better. Self-improvement is always desirable. But the goal is to improve gradually and steadily, without being constantly dissatisfied with ourselves and our achievements.

Life is a mental game that some play effortlessly and with natural grace. Many find it harder and have difficulty…

How Many Monster Trucks Does One Man Need?

Image: Ken Martin at Bell Bookhouse — house of air and light

Make a list of what you find most satisfying in life — just the top five or six things. I wrote down the first five that popped into my head, no particular order:

  • Discover and experience new things
  • Help other people
  • Learn new skills, expand knowledge
  • Create — art, music, words, etc.
  • Companionship, relationships, sharing

Imagine No Possessions
Material possessions didn’t make my list, and probably didn’t make yours. No buying that new coat, top-of-the-line synthesizer, or the Jeep tricked out with hardened tires, industrial-strength winch, and the Mars lights on top.

A few years ago, a newspaper highlighted a…

Is there any other kind?

Ken Martin at Bell Bookhouse

Northern Indiana has fertile land with dark loamy soil, full of promise. Each spring we plowed a sizable patch, the soil churning up with the rich smell of fresh earth.

We laid out arrow-straight rows with stakes and twine while picturing a verdant, orderly haven of vegetables and fruits that would burst forth with a robust healthy glow. At the end of each row, empty seed packets capped the stakes: acorn squash, zucchini, lettuce, cabbage, pumpkins, birdhouse gourds, tomatoes, peas, and string beans.

Of course, reality yearly dashed this illusion. Tomato worms the size of sci-fi monsters gorged non-stop on…

A Misty Hike Upon Boreas Mountain.

Image: Ken Martin at Bell Bookhouse

In the early morning, Boreas Pass is a land of mist and movement
An old train Section House materializes from the low clouds, broad and sturdy, standing near a squat mountain hut that gradually takes shape. The Denver, South Park, and Pacific Railroad used to chug up and over this steep grade on its way to Breckenridge.

A sign at Boreas Pass announces that we stand atop the Continental Divide, an elevation of 11,482 feet. Beyond, higher still, the green mountain beckons. Boreas Mountain.

No trail shows the way, but the invitation from the summit is unmistakable. I start hiking…

A Life-Altering Commitment You Can Make Today

Image: Dan at Unsplash

Where Happiness Lives
Happiness lives in the now. You won’t find it by re-living the past or pre-living the future. You won’t find it in past regrets, or future worries.

In our busy world, you’d think demands on our time would anchor us in the present. Instead, the present has become an endangered species, increasingly lost to time spent inside our heads.

The World Inside Our Heads
Inside our heads is an alternate universe where we can hang out and engage in self-absorption and inner dialogue. …

Ken Martin

Gets his best ideas while hiking. Loves the Mojave Desert, English Bulldogs, and sarcasm and irony even though he can’t define either. Editor of Blue Noise.

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